Gero and HEAT

We went for a relaxing weekend up in the mountains a few weeks ago since we thought it was hot in Nagoya.  Little did we know it would get insanely hotter.  Today with the humidity it was 49 degrees C.  Nagoya has so much concrete it just acts like a heat sink! Yesterday I saw a man red and blotchy in the face, sweating through his shirt and hair, eyes glazed, staring at a fan he was holding in his hand as if he didn’t now what it was or what to do with it.  All I could think was how much I empathized with him.  Then the train came and blew warm air on us and he sort of snapped out of it, but wow it is melting temperatures here.  The wind is hot.  When Andrew breathes on me I actually feel like he is a dragon with hot breath running over burning coals in his lungs before heating me.  Can you understand how hot it is?! :)

But anyway we stayed in a bed and breakfast perched on a mountain side  just outside the hot spring town of Gero.  The owners grew their own vegetables, had chickens and a goat and we ate trout from a nearby river with mountain vegetables and things from their garden.  The house was an old traditional Japanese house I.e. sort of like a treehouse, and the entire time it absolutely poured with rain.   This made it so lovely to be inside the cabin with the sound of the rain and the quiet of the countryside. It was like luxury camping!  Andrew said it really reminded him of his old cottage. We played cards and games and chatted and relaxed and slept.  It was amazing!!IMG_4064







The owner had 2 awesome kids that killed a giant spider for us and found frogs and snakes and lizards and all sorts of things to show us before we headed home.  IMG_4116



We took a ‘wide view express’ train to Gero which is a scenic train.  It was  a great way to escape the concrete jungle of Nagoya and the views were pretty amazing.IMG_4163



I’ll keep it short in sweet, except to say that we haven’t been on any trips since Gero but we’ve been making some great friends and spending lots of time with them doing fun things in Nagoya.  Our one friend is a bit like a superhuman and has been taking us to cool hole-in-the wall places and introducing us to new food and drinks and friends and despite being a neurologist, doing research with Andrew and knowing what seems like everyone in Nagoya, he plays violin in a string quartet!  We went to one of his concerts and it was pretty amazing.  Otherwise Andrew has been trying to work hard and stay focused for the home stretch.  I’ve been continuing with Ikebana and actually am somehow improving–I wowed and amazed my teachers and the other students last week somehow…if only I knew how!  Other than that I’m just trying to live in the present and enjoy my favourite things about this crazy country while I can, although it’s getting incredibly hard since we are heading home so soon and onto new adventures, it’s very easy to start planning everything for the future.  Anyway we are planning a few wrap up trips before we leave so I will be sure to update the blog then for my few faithful followers :) Until next time!


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